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Garimot Arnis Training is a Filipino Martial Arts practiced traditionally on the Baet family for more than 170 years.  From a small town called Paete, Laguna Philippines the arts of the Garimot Arnis was born.  The Baet family is widely known for their “Moro-Moro” players called Doce Pares in Laguna way back in early 1800’s.

For more than five generation, the  tradition has been passed from one generation to the next. Doce Pares de Francia (or also referred to as  the show Comedia or Zarzuela) serves as vehicle to shroud the arts of Arnis de Mano the Filipino martial arts of hand to hand fighting utilizing blades and sticks fighting arts and more.

History reveals that the Filipino combat arts were banned in 1610 by the Spanish authority to stop any chances of Filipinos practicing their arts of war which could be used against them.  As a result all indigenous Filipino martial arts were forbidden.  But in 1637 Doce Pares was introduced in Luzon via galleon Acapulco-Manila. It was the Spanish Fray from Mexico who introduced the Doce Pares de Francia to the region. Later the Filipinos changed the name into the now famous “Moro-Moro” stage shows. Today the original Doce Pares de Francia  or Moro-Moro is alive and taught by Gat Puno Abon “Garimot” Baet,  5th generation Maestro from Laguna, Philippines.

23 December

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